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"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person"

I know what you all are thinking, finally! I know I never post weddings, but if I can be honest, its because they are so much work to post! I am one of those photographers who doesn't know when to stop taking pictures at a result, you guessed it! I end up with so many images I dont know what to do with them lol Well my clients typically love that they have so much of their event covered, no detail left unphotographed. But as a result, when it comes time to make a blog post from a wedding, there are so many images to choose from! Well, I hope that explains it, and I hope I muster up the courage to share more weddings too lol Here's some highlights from Cassandra and Dikens wedding. Loved this couple and their images. Enjoy!

Valencia & Jeff- Engagement Shoot

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

I had such an amazing time with this beautiful and giddy couple. I love witnessing the love between two people pending marriage. It's like I can feel all their excitement about the journey they are about to embark on. The engagement photos are usually the first step to making the journey real! I love what I do! These two love birds were so easy to photograph, not only because of how photogenic they are but because you can feel the chemistry through the images. I hope you enjoy! xoxo

Crystal & Andy-Engagement Shoot

"...Becoming friends with you was a choice, But falling in love with you...

I had no control over" -Sherwin G Jayoma

It literally only took one look for Andy to know Crystal was the one for him. They locked eyes in a restaurant, and Andy knew before she left, he had to get her number. No really. It was that simple, he walked up to her and his words..."I have to get your number". The rest is history as they are know embarking on their journey to being husband and wife. They were such a joy to work with, and watching the love between them reinforces that love is still alive...Even a world where hate tries to take the lead, seeing the genuine love between these two was so beautiful. Romance is not dead! Join me in congratulating this gorgeous couple! xo