Elizabeth & Orie- Engagement Shoot

"May your life together be full of love, and your love be full of life"

Have I ever told you how much I love my clients? Like genuinely do! Every time I meet a couple, I am always curious to know what our interaction will be like. Leading up to the photoshoot and planning is always, fun, but there is always the fun mystery of what the couple will be like on the day of the photo session. There's always those little jitters most of my clients experience, as they are having their first experience in front of a camera with me, so I never know what to expect but As always, I was not disappointed in meeting Liz & Orie. They were absolute perfection! We had such a great time at their shoot, laughing and talking just creating beautiful memories. Viewing these two love birds of 8 years behind my lens was beautiful. The chemistry they share is so unique, I was able to tell right away that they had been together for a long time. I wish I could express it in words how happy I feel to see real love is still thriving in this sometimes cold world. I am happy and honored that these two beautiful souls have entrusted me with the gift of taking part in their special day. I cannot wait to witness your union! Congratulations Liz & Orie...may your life together be full of love. xoxo