Addy & Amir-Engagement Shoot

"You will forever be my always"

Addy & Amir were AMAZING to work with! They had me laughing the entire shoot! They are really a special couple, not just in how they interact...but with the fact that they built their relationship on solid ground. I love everything they stand for and what their relationship symbolizes to one another and most importantly God. Addy and Amir shared their proposal with me, and I am blessed to share it with you:

"It was my birthday and as a tradition we always go big! Well this day was no different! My beloved led me by blind-folded from my home to a “secret” location for dinner (Smith & Wollensky)… After a 45 min drive, we finally arrived. Still blindfolded, I was lead through the busy South Point Beach area with the sounds of on-lookers clapping and waves crashing in the background. After a brief pause, I was serenaded to the sweet sounds of “All of Me” by John Legend, sung by a mutual friend. During this time, my beloved expressed his love and gratitude… my blindfold was then removed, and there he was, on one knee with our family and friends encircling us!!! It was a sweet surprise and best birthday ever!  God is faithful!"-Addy