creative maternity shoot

The Blaise Family-Maternity Shoot

“In West Philidelphia, born and raised…on the playground is where I spent most of my days..” You know the rest! You guys have no idea how excited I was about this Fresh Prince inspired maternity shoot. Now this family has my whole heart! I have been shooting with them before they welcomed their first little girl into the world. They are now about to usher in their fresh prince! Prince Blaise! I couldn’t be more excited for them as we all (yes I mean we all…I am an honorary member of their family after all) wanted a boy! I cannot wait to meet him! My client Yana is always coming up with creative ideas for her shoot! She and I were meant to be together! lol Anyway! Enjoy this shoot xoxo

Chantae & Odane- Maternity Shoot

"Love...and be Loved"

Parenthood can be the scariest most beautiful thing to enter into. I myself welcomed the sweetest little boy into our family what seems like just yesterday. He recently turned one and I feel like the time literally has flown by. I remember carrying him in my womb and just praying over him and the anticipation of his arrival. Witnessing the love of parents like Chantae and Odane is so heat warming, it reminds me of that warm feeling of life growing inside you. Join me in congratulating this beautiful family. xo

Sarai & Danny-Maternity Shoot

" A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for" -Pablo Picasso

The beauty of motherhood! Sarai and Danny are so excited as they expect the arrival of their little princess, and I couldn't be happier for them! Their shoot was so much fun as they are full of jokes and we laughed the majority of the time. Although the humidity felt like it was choking us lol we created some beautiful memories of this precious milestone in their life that they will be able to cherish forever. Enjoy! xo

Karen & Anthony-Maternity Shoot

"I'm in love with a child...I haven't yet met"

The blessings of expecting! I am so happy for these two who are expecting their first child, a sweet baby boy in 2015. I love witnessing the love and anticipation between two parents who are building their home and excited to have a new blessing added. When coming up with the inspiration and outfits for my sessions, I always ask my clients what best reflects who they are. Karen told me that she and her husband enjoy nature, and they loved the natural shoots I have done. After hearing that I knew exactly what location would work best for them, and because of the beautiful greenery of this park, I suggested a bright bold color for contrast like red...and she nailed it! I love how this session turned out, mainly because of the beautiful couple in it. Congrats Karen & Anthony! xoxo

Marie & Moise- Maternity Shoot

And then there were five :) This cute little family has grown by one more! They are having a sweet little baby girl! Mama was once the only lady in this house, but they have welcomed little Mariah into their home, and they couldn't be happier! Once little brothers, are now being graduated to big brothership (yes I believe thats a title lol) I pray blessings for this family of 5, may 2015 bring their home peace, joy and happiness! Enjoy xoxo