Now that high-quality, digital cameras are more widely available than ever, it can be tempting to skip hiring an oftentimes expensive professional to take photos on the special days of your life.

Why hire someone when you can get a co-worker or niece with a nice camera to do it for next to nothing? However, the benefits of going to a pro are always worth the price tag.

Here are just five of the many reasons why hiring professional photographer is always the right decision:

With a relative or buddy who is doing you a favor, it can be hard to get what you want. And when you see that you aren’t getting the kind of pictures you imagined, how do you tell them without hurting their feelings? 

Tiptoeing around a personal relationship can leave you in a lurch. But hiring a professional means that your experience will be a professional one.  This will include such things as contracts that guarantee that you get what you’re looking for.

Professional photographers come with more than a fancy camera. They have lighting set-ups, multiple lenses, props and back-up cameras with extra batteries and memory cards.

This stuff is expensive and it takes someone with skill and experience to use them all well. A casual amateur won’t have the equipment or the know how.

To get the variety of amazing looking photos that you’re looking for, you need someone who has all of this equipment on hand. You can only get that with a professional. But if you still think your cousin with an expensive Nikon can do the job, you should remember…

It takes more than a good camera to take beautiful photos. After all, a digital camera is just a little computer that captures an image.

A camera by itself cannot find the light, frame, or know to take multiple pictures in case someone is yawning or smiling weird. That takes an experienced person behind the camera.

Really, great professional photographers are artists. It takes an artist’s touch to create photos that are beautiful and unique to you!

On the day of the photo shoot, your professional photographer is going to be responsible for more than just taking beautifully composed pictures! 

They have to know how to coax a smile out of a crying baby. They have to know how to make a bride feel relaxed on her big day. And they have to be able to wrangle large parties of people and make them all look nice long enough to snap a photo.

Professionals know how to do all this stuff and they know how to do it well. Why? 

Because this is their livelihood and they’ve done it all many times before. They know just what to do and say to make the process go as smooth as possible.

 When you pay a professional to take pictures, you are buying more of their time than the day of the photo shoot. You are also paying for the days and/or weeks of editing afterwards.

A good photographer will take over 1,000 photos on daylong shoots like a wedding, and they pare that down usually to around 500. Good editing takes more than a passing knowledge of iPhoto. And it does truly take days.

Not only will a professional have the best software needed to make photos perfect, but they have the time to put in the hours and hours and hours to make them perfect. 

Because it’s their job and they want you to be a happy customer! And they have the time, artistry and expertise to make you happy!

Need more reasons? Contact me today to talk about why hiring a professional photographer is always the best option!

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