Miller-Family Shoot

A mother and her boys! This was such a sweet shoot. This is what family is all about. I watched Dana and her two boys and my heart literally melted. Just seeing how protective they ere of their mother and how loving she was to them. It was so beautiful. And so you know, they are not twins! lol It took me a while to get over it too. lol These two cuties are so blessed to have each other as brothers. I know Dana is raising them to be good men in the future. That's what this society needs! Now enough ranting about this beautiful family. Enjoy their images! xoxo

Nancy & Benjamin-Maternity Shoot

"For this child I prayed"~1 Sam 1:27

I would try to explain the emotion I feel in sharing this shoot, but I would have to write a novel for you to fully understand. This child is a gift directly from God. I wont share anymore, but I hope you can see the beauty in every moment created here. These two deserve a big congrats on the sweet baby girl that will be arriving soon. You can't tell them verbally, but I hope you feel it for them. Enjoy xoxo

Tevez-Family Shoot

My heart swells with so much happiness looking at these images! This little man will absolutely steal the heart of anyone! He was so full of joy and happiness, all the beautiful things that remind you of how sweet it is to have the innocence of a child. As we approach mother's day, I thought this shoot was the absolutely best to share, as it reminds us of the blessings that makes being a mother so special. The sweetness of children! Enjoy! xoxo

Marcelle & Lamar- Maternity

"She is clothed in dignity and strength"-Prov 31:25


I am just gushing over this maternity shoot!!! This shoot embodied so many different feelings that describe a mother. Elegance, Strength, Dignity...Need I say more? I hope you enjoy these images as  much as I did creating them! Congrats Marcelle & Lamar on your sweet baby girl :)

Marie & Moise- Maternity Shoot

And then there were five :) This cute little family has grown by one more! They are having a sweet little baby girl! Mama was once the only lady in this house, but they have welcomed little Mariah into their home, and they couldn't be happier! Once little brothers, are now being graduated to big brothership (yes I believe thats a title lol) I pray blessings for this family of 5, may 2015 bring their home peace, joy and happiness! Enjoy xoxo